GPS week number rollover on April 06/07, 2019

The Global Positioning System (GPS) week number rollover occurs in the GPS legacy navigation (LNAV) message every 1024 weeks.

The next GPS week number roll over will occur 18 seconds prior to the 0000Z boundary (Coordinated Universal Time) between April 6/7, 2019.

In most cases, any negative response from a GPS receiver would likely affect the calendar conversion from GPS Time to UTC date/time. This is caused by a problem accounting for the 10-bit week number rollover. It could result in the GPS receiver thinking it had jumped backward in time by 1024 weeks, back to 21/22 August 1999.

JP Avionics is one of the avionics shops that can conduct GPS simulations in connection to the GPS week rollover events. We can check your GPS unit(s), recommend and perform proper service to your (legacy) GPS receiver unit(s).

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25 March 2019