At JP Avionics we are committed to meet your avionics or electronics needs.
Beside our in-house experts, JP Avionics does have an extensive network of other highly qualified specialist to further ensure excellent quality.

In case your existing equipment doesn’t fulfil your needs, we can provide you with custom-made avionics.
Designed, tested and produced in-house.
Repair, troubleshooting, installation and full panel upgrades are possible.

  • HF COM (SSB)


  • NAV (VOR, Localiser, glideslope)


  • ELT 121.5 MHz / 243 MHz / 406 MHz including Maritime EPIRB and PLB.

  • DME

  • Transponder (Mode A, C, S) including ADS-B

  • TAS and TCAS

  • GPS

  • Airspeed Indicators

  • Vertical Speed Indicators

  • Altimeters

  • Low pressure sensors

  • Analogue radio equipment

  • DVM's

  • Pre compliance testing
  • Computer software (Windows including embedded versions)

  • Tablet or phone software (Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, 10 including embedded versions)

  • Embedded software (Microchip PIC)

    • Custom electronics design. 3D data available.

    • Custom enclosures design. 3D data available.

  • PCB pick and place

  • CNC Routing, milling and turning

  • 3D printing in ABS and PLA

For our commitment to on-going education, JP Avionics is the only avionics shop in Europe that has been awarded the AEA Avionics Training Excellence award since 2014 and onwards.