EFD2000 and GTN-750 on Piper PA28R-201 Arrow III

An Aspen EFD2000 and Garmin GTN-750 were installed on this Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III.

The internal GPSS function of the Aspen EFD is very usefull. GPSS is GPS Steering, where the GPS steers the autopilot with standard rate turns. Without GPSS autopilot can only track GPS plans. When turns must executed the aircraft should be hand steered, for example by tempory dissabling the autopilot with the CWS (Control Wheel Steering) button. Without GPSS and/or manual interventation the autopilot will overshoot due to the limit bank angle.

Avionics upgrade on Cessna 172P

SKHV requested us to upgrade the avionics of their Cessna 172P. Old ARC avionics got removed and replaced by Garmin avionics.

The new equipment consist of:

  • Garmin GMA-340 Audiopanel
  • Garmin GNC-225A COM/NAV
  • Garmin GI-106A CDI
  • Garmin GTR-225A COM

Avionics upgrade on SMA Cessna 182Q for Uganda

While Mastenbroek Aeroskill carried out inspection and respray of an SMA diesel equipped Cessna 182Q, JP Avionics upgraded the avionics. The 182Q had all old avionics removed, an got a new installation with:

  • Garmin GMA-340 Audiopanel
  • Garmin GTN-650 COM/NAV/GPS
  • Garmin GTR-225 COM
  • Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
  • L3 WX-500 Stormscope
  • Cobham 406 MHz ELT

After succesfull test flights the aircraft was flown to it’s new base in Uganda, where the aircraft will be operated by MAF. The ferry pilots wrote a trip report on this ferry.

JP Avionics annunciators on Silence Twister

We kindly received photos from the French Silence Aircraft sales agent Mr Crispin Brown. The Silence Twister is build from advanced composite materials and features an elliptical wing, just like the renowned Supermarine Spitfire.

They have selected the JP Avionics design annunciators for the required annunciators. It uses a ANN-RED02-12 “OIL PRESSURE”, VWL-12 “HIGH / LOW VOLTAGE” and ANN-YEL08-12 “ECU” annunciators.

The three annunciators are visible in the upper part of the instrument panel.

Air Data Converter on Slingsby T67

For two of our clients and partners, Selfy and APS (TTC), we designed, certified and installed an Air Data Converter (ADC) on their Slingsby T67. This JP Avionics ADC senses pitot and static pressure, and outputs altitude and airspeed over USB.

Our client uses the data output as input for our flight data recorder. In this case, the ADC is calibrated to the aircraft instruments, instead of the more common standard. Now the recording is the same as the indicated airspeed and altitude as indicated by the aircraft instruments, including their small errors.

Pictured is the testing of the ADC. It’s data is presented on a laptop with flight instrument test software.

Should you require custom made avionics, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can do the whole design, production, testing, certification and installation process in-house.